Who are you? And what do you like?

I am Mariana, a Brazilian photographer based in Germany.

I love travelling, drinking a good sweet white wine and watching to series with a big basket of popcorn aside. I was born and raised in Brazil, but traveled to a number of countries so far..

How long have you been working in photography?

Since beginning 2015 when I still was living in the United States and had the opportunity to study Photography at UCLA. 

Do you shoot only black and white?

No. I do love black and white photography and I am also specialized on it. But for you I will deliver images in colors as well.

How long does a photo shoot last?

Depending on the shooting (portraits, event, wedding, etc), it can last between 60 and 120 minutes. The coverage for event/wedding shooting can be longer.

Do you shoot only in Germany?

I do shoot in the Netherlands as well, besides Germany. Therefore, I would additionally charge the travel costs and accommodation eventually. For other locations, please contact me! Every request will be analyzed individually.

For shootings abroad how much in advance should I book?

And what are the added costs?

It's nice to check if I'll be available at least 3 months in advance for shootings outside Germany, just to assure you will have your wished date. I can also shoot at short notice in case the date you wish is still available.

For trips it will be charged: train tickets with seat reservation; flight economy class; and Hotel standard single room, in case an overnight is necessary.


Can we meet you?

Of course! Since you are so important for me, we can make an appointment and get to know each other better. And if a personal talk is not possible we can arrange a video call!

When should I contact you to reserve a date for my photo shoot?

I accept last minute shootings if the requested date/time is available. However, I would ask you to check the availability with at least two weeks in advance. So we can better plan ourselves and meet all of your expectations!

How long does it take for me to receive the photographs?

For portrait sessions, I deliver the photos within two weeks. For weddings and big events, up to 3 weeks. 

All pictures will be edited?

During a photo shoot I take a high number of photographs. From those, I carefully chose the best ones to edit.

Do you deliver non-edited images?

Well, a cook does not deliver raw food to his guests, right? Editing is not just making an image prettier, but also "signing' my style on it, therefore all delivered images are carefully chosen and edited. I won't deliver less than you deserve!


How many pictures do I get?

It depends on the photo session/package you chose. For corporate portraits you will get a minimum of 15 images. For portraits at least 25 images. It is my priority to deliver high quality and unique images, instead of hundreds of similar photographs.

How do you deliver the images?

Via memory stick and on a private online gallery ready for download. 

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