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Fine Words

"Eine unvergessliche Erfahrung! Es ist unglaublich, wie Mariana es gelingt, die Seele des Moments und nicht nur die Person einzufangen. Die Feinheit der Fotos ist ihr stärkster Punkt, sie erinnert mich an den Moment mit Nostalgie. Ich kann Mariana nur als Fotografin empfehlen."

- William F., Fashion Designer.


"I have been accompanying Mariana's work for some time now and with each new image, it is remarkable the passion and dedication to capture the best moment, expressing all the feelings there. Being photographed by her has shown me a new perspective about myself and how beauty is in the most unlikely places, you just need to know how to see."

- Thalita T., Designer.


"Being captured by Mariana's accurate and thorough photography was an incredible experience. In addition to making us totally comfortable during the photoshoot, she had a delicate way of comprehending the moment and demonstrated such experience and professionalism that that was transported into every detail captured. It was certainly one of my best photo shoots and I look forward to the next ones."

- Laira P., Nurse.


"Mariana's done my first ever photoshoot in the summer of 2017 in the Netherlands as I wanted to celebrate the ending of an important chapter of my life. She's given me total freedom to the point I was so comfortable I even forgot I was in front of a camera. In fact, it didn't feel like a photo session at all, it feel more like two friends going for a walk, having a drink and laughing out loud. Her professionalism mesmerized me even more when I shortly received the pictures. I understood right away that she does not only take pictures. She captures moments. Her incredible delicate and yet fierce ability to photograph is her ultimate gift. After this wonderful first experience, we've done other two photoshoots and she's definitely outdone herself."

- Bruna A., English Literature Teacher.


"Our experience with Mariana was fantastic, besides being a lovely person, she is a super professional! She knew how to make us very comfortable! She captured images that transmitted our innermost and desires, in that most special moment, our marriage!"

- Luciana & Chris S, Architects.